Renata Adler is a journalist who worked in the newsrooms of major media outlets such as Veja and TV Globo for more than 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emerson University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), an International Baccalaureate in Photography and Arts, and completed her visual arts studies at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, mentored by Professor João Carlos Goldberg.

At her 2017 personal exhibition “O percurso dos planetas” (The Path of the Planets) at the Cultural Center Parque das Ruínas, she presented 25 works that proposed a dialogue between the Earth and the planets through techniques that caused chemical reactions in matter, LED lights, and unusual elements such as coffee. Within this same theme, she opened another exhibition at M. Gallery by Sofitel in Santa Teresa. She was then invited by the curator, Marc Pottier, to participate in a collective exhibition with the interactive installation “Camaleões e o Caminho da Transformação” (Chameleons and the Path of Transformation) at the Monumental Arte, in Marina da Glória, encouraging the public to cross a tunnel “between two worlds”, from inertia to success. The visual effects were due to the wooden sculptures hanging from the tree next to it. She also participated in RioOpen Arte in Rio de Janeiro. In 2019, Adler had a solo exhibition, “Uma Continua Transformação” (A continuous transformation), with her chameleons everywhere, at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, she participated in the collective exhibition of the 3rd edition of Circular, Arte at Praça Adolpho Bloch in São Paulo. From December de 2023 until March, 2024, with the immersive exhibition “O Mergulho de Renata Adler”, she occupied one of the floors at the Farol Santander in São Paulo with 272 chameleons and 80 aquariums.